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Units to Convert – Electric Resistance, Resistivity, Electrostatic Capacitance, Inductance, Linear Charge, Current Density, Magnetic Field Strength, Flux and Flux Density, Charge, Current, Electric Conductance, Conductivity, Field Strength and Potential, Magnetomotive Force, Sound, Surface Charge and Current Density, Volume Charge Density, Volume Resistivity. Supported unit types are: cm, ft, km, m, mi, nm, ohm, kOhm, […]

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MainConcept Reference is a video transcoding application that can help users to convert between various formats, with various editing possibilities such as crop, flip and deinterlace. MainConcept Reference uses a smart transcoding engine that gathers the power of all video and audio codecs produced by the company overtime, thus delivering the best case scenario to […]

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1. You can search for torrents just by entering a keyword. 2. You can easily search in the official torrent sites. 3. You can easily navigate through the results page, sort by the’seeders’ number, ‘leeches’, ‘category’ or ‘free torrents’. 4. You can easily download the torrents with the total number of seeds and leeches. 5. […]

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Simulate a text based console with rich formatting, colors, scrollbars, copy/paste and mouse support. TConsole is very fast. The component uses native Windows code so it is very fast. The component can be used with mouse, keyboard and hotkeys. TConsole is a compact component. It is under 400 bytes. The component uses native Windows code […]

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The program uses a basic interface and is available in both 32- and 64-bit versions. It displays IP addresses, networks, subnets, masks, host IDs and addresses, and so forth. Advanced IPAddress Calculator is a freeware program that doesn’t need to be installed. After launching the software utility, select the options you’d like to analyze and […]

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– Compatibility mode – While the application can start in the default mode, which is only a warning about the lack of space, you can change the mode to the minimum configuration of the application. – Select Disk drive – This option allows you to choose the disk drive to be checked. For example, the […]

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KEYMACRO is the best keyboard-macro-recorder and keyboard macro recorder for Microsoft Windows. It can record the keystroke commands, mouse-commands, menus, and macro-commands on the Windows-Keyboard or the Mouse. KEYMACRO supports the following mouse commands: – Left Button (and Middle Button): Scroll up (and Down) and Zoom the mouse-cursor. – Right Button (and Middle Button): Open […]

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(Version 1.30) KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro recorder for Windows. It’s a fast and reliable solution for users who want to save and replay a series of keystrokes. It can be used for almost any purpose. It’s especially ideal for correcting typos and typos while surfing the Internet, it’s also useful for chatting online and […]

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If you often change the way the desktop looks, then you might find this program quite interesting. 3D Forms Windows Theme is a small tool that can keep your screen interesting. The program has a simple interface that is quite easy to work with, thanks to its overall simplicity. As the name suggests, the wallpapers […]

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☆* Copy the symbol on your keyboard (You can copy any symbol) ☆* Paste the copied symbol in your document (You can paste any symbol) ☆* Paste the symbol you copied to any location in your document (You can paste any symbol) ☆* Pause and you can paste symbols in your document until you click […]


– Supports both low and high quality – Hides your Internet Explorer borders and tabs – Support add/remove buttons – Runs faster than Internet Explorer – Support password protected sites – Unlimited saved links – Automatic update – Support for tabs, frames, etc. – Full keyboard shortcuts support – Simple and easy to use – […]

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2.1 Create Quick Start An early interactive sample based on a local collection of downloaded images, The final result of which is shown here: You can try out the tool here 2.2 Create a Local Database There is no limit to the size of the database, but if you want to create it using the […]

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KEYMACRO is a… 12.05 MB foobar2000 Community Edition foobar2000 is the ultimate Music Player for Windows. With foobar2000 you can play, create and manage your digital music collection. foobar2000 features a powerful tag editor, easy radio streaming, Internet radio, MP3, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis and WMA support, on-the-fly ID3… 1.59 MB foobar2000 Community Edition A Professional […]

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With KEYMACRO, you can protect your passwords, PINs, and other sensitive information on any device. You can use it for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Chrome. KEYMACRO Features: Passwords & PINs Keymaster Password Manager Description: Keymaster Password Manager is a secure password manager designed to be both reliable and safe. Protect and manage your personal […]

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Enables you to choose which color to synchronize The setup is simple and straightforward, particularly as it entails decompressing the archive and launching the program. Although you can run it manually, you should know that the application comes with a convenient feature that enables you to auto-synchronize the color each time it detects changes applied […]

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All of the icons included in this set are also available in high-resolution 256×256 size for maximum customization options. If you prefer to have the icons in more sizes, you can download the Icon Setter 2 from to convert the icons from ICO to PNG. Show All 0 Items Show All 0 Items IconPackager.com is […]

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Major features: start and jump to a wikipedia article using one or two click/mouse buttons. jump to an article from one wikipedia page to another. selection capability for jumping to an article when you click on a highlighted section. load the article in the default browser. load the article in your default browser and go […]

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This is a Windows utility designed to provide the MAC OS X user with a cross-platform solution for recording and playback of system keystrokes. It requires only your keyboard to work, so any physical keyboard is fine. INSTALLATION Please make sure you download the latest version of this utility from the main page. For installation […]

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Use KEYMACRO to help you build and maintain keyboard macros and key sequences. KEYMACRO comes with a system tray icon that allows you to change your currently loaded keyboard shortucts with ease. You can also set up hotkeys to launch programs or perform other actions. Keymacro functionality: – Create new macros to perform actions, including […]


Autohide the mouse cursor automatically after a defined number of inactivity seconds. Keyboard shortcuts: Shortcut “Ctrl+Alt+S” – ‘Save Settings’ Shortcut “Ctrl+Alt+H” – ‘Hide MouseCursor’ Shortcut “Ctrl+Alt+C” – ‘Clear Settings’ AutoHideMouseCursor.exe (0.80 MB) A: AutoHideMouseCursor.exe is part of the Keyboard and Mouse (KBM) suite. To add its functionality to Windows 7: Open the KBM utility Click […]

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1) This works with Android 2.2, Android 3.0 (Eclair), Android 3.1, Android 4.0 (ICS), Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) phones. 2) Main features are: check for a number of email accounts (depending on whether the phone is rooted or not); check for a number of email accounts […]

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KeyMacro is a simple app that can be used to add multiple keybindings to applications, however, unlike a macro for OS X, the ability to add keybindings does not require a certain program. KeyMacro is free and will run in the background in the background of most applications. KeyMacro works with both the built-in keyboard […]

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TWAIN Importer is Windows-based application. You can set some options to customize your import procedure: · Layers (multiple images can be placed into one layer) · Image size (you can increase or decrease it) · Image property (e.g. color mode, brightness) · Colorspace (RGB, CMYK) · Compression (JPEG, JFIF) · Encoding (JPEG, JPEG XR, JFIF) […]

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This is a comprehensive solution for managing every type of Macro within any type of application. KeyMacro is a set of tools which allows you to manipulate Macros in any application. Features: Fast macro creation and editing Macros stored in XML format Macros structured in tables Editable macros in any app Macros directly imported and […]

Make your future bright in abroad with us… ???????? Many ?Congratulations to Manreet Kaur for getting CANADA Study Visa. For better guidance & profile assessment, visit us at our office: Call us at?

Make your future bright in abroad with us… Many Congratulations to Manreet Kaur for getting CANADA Study Visa. For better guidance & profile assessment, visit us at our office: Call us at

It’s another achievement for BRAINWAVES INSTITUTE.Our student Sajanpreet Singh got Australia Study Visa.

It’s another achievement for BRAINWAVES INSTITUTE.Our student Sajanpreet Singh got Australia Study Visa.


Congrats Ramandeep Kaur who got Australia Study Visa


Congrats TALWINDER SINGH who got Australia Study Visa.


Congrats to Sahilpreet Singh, student of Brainwaves Institute of English who got Study Visa for higher studies in Australia. He pursued IELTS from this institute  scoring 6.0 bands. WE are all delighted.

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Australia Visa within 15 Days